Isabella etou is a luxury jewelry brand, that offers one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces that are timeless and versatile to any occasion.
Using only the finest quality materials, each piece is the direct result of the designer’s creative eye and her signature technique of hand carved wax molds.
At isabella etou, all pieces go through numerous hand craft procedures that take time and rigorous inspection process that distinguishes itself from other off-the-press mass-produced items.

The designer’s inspiration originates from the beauty of coincidence in the remarkable creation of nature.
Her signature designs capture the natural lines and curves of the Earth which are reflected in her pieces through bold artistry, curved accents, fluid structure and distinct rough textures.

Over the years, the brand has focused on creating pieces that are contemporary yet with a timeless feel.
While each piece stands alone, they can be layered, stacked, mixed and matched with other pieces from the collection.
The designer also believes in sustainable fashion and is conscious of using recycled silver to help with the environment.

Thoughtfully designed and uniquely handcrafted, isabella etou inspires new trends and complements the beauty of human expression.

Also unique to isabella etou is its recently launched home collection that includes artisanally-made incense holders, jewelry boxes and rigorously selected hand-crafted items from other world brands.
Isabella etou’s home collection items are all unique and also share the brand’s pursuit of perfecting raw materials.
Isabella etou’s home line are perfect supplements in every home’s decorative interior.